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There's More Than One Kind Of Art

With just over a month until the Scottish Final you may be forgiven for thinking that Tryst 'C' are simply polishing their production of Art in preparation for the Eden Court Theatre.

Instead the club have gone back to the original text - in Yasmina Reza's original French.

Director Alan Clark explains, "This play is about much more than mere Art, it's about relationships and all the passions that go with them.

"What language could possibly express these concepts and emotions better than French? This is going to take the production to a whole new level!"

So has the director's enthusiasm infected the other two members of the cast?

"Mais bien sûr!" says Brian Paterson.

"Of course I studied German so I have absolutely no idea what I'm saying, but I've been able to learn it phonetically and the sheer electricity generated by the colourful and rapturous language of the piece should be captured and fed back into the National Grid."

Craig Murray recalls the moment Alan unveiled his master plan: "I thought he was having us on at first, but nothing in the festival rules states that plays have to be in English and Tryst have always been cunning linguists.

"Unfortunately I've just learned a three-page monologue in English - the French is four pages long!"

The Scottish Final at the Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, runs from May 5th to 7th.

The last word, as always, goes to Tryst President Frank T Murray: "Bonne chance à Tryst 'C'. Ils sont clairement fou comme une boîte de grenouilles!"



1st April 2011 - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303