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Tryst Of The Antarctic

Tryst Theatre are delighted to announce their most ambitious project to date. The Larbert-based amateur dramatic group have been invited to participate in a new programme to bring the Arts to Antarctica. The result - a 2011 tour of five Antarctic Research Stations.

The mastermind behind this, Dr Sally Fidoropa of the Antarctic Research Stage Expedition, explains, "We have put on a show or two within the community here, but it's always nice to see what other people can do. Why not bring in clubs from outside to perform."

Some might think it's odd to ask a Scottish team to travel such a distance and they'd be right. It emerges that the idea originated in a flippant comment from one of the Antarctic engineers. Dr Fidoropa continues:

"When it was suggested we try Scotland to find an amateur club everyone laughed, we thought we'd have to find some crazy people to do it and didn't expect anyone to answer our call. Fortunately after a quick web search we found Tryst."

Tryst Theatre President Frank T. Murray BSc. replies, "I've always been in little doubt that our club members were not the full shilling. That said, this is an unmissable opportunity for the club to fly the flag for Scottish drama at the South Pole. Unfortunately I won't be able to go with them as I've lost my woolly hat."

Logistical issues mean that the team will not actually visit the South Pole, but the tour will incorporate the Australian Macquarie, Casey and Davis Stations, the UK Halley Station and the US McMurdo Station. At this final venue we also hope to attract an audience from New Zealand's Scott Station which is located nearby.

Tryst's Antarctic Expedition will take place in early 2011, the height of the Antarctic summer. Firm dates and further details will be announced when they are available.


This is a significant undertaking for the club and Tryst Theatre are looking for volunteer crew to help out. If you are interested please fill out the short application form and we will get back to you.



1st April 2010 - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303