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Tryst's UK Tour Climaxes In Welwyn

Tristan Fabriani is unwell.

Report by Arts Editor Rudolph Hucker.

Tryst’s Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me UK Tour reached the end of the line at the Welwyn Festival with a second place (earning the Roy Brewer Cup) and another Best Actor award (the Welwyn Award) for Brian Pattreson. He has now bought a special display cabinet from IKEA for all the silverware he has deservedly picked up this year.

President Frank T. Murray said: "The tour has been terrific. The cast and crew have been incredible, as always. Humour and sense of purpose, those old Tryst standbys, have prevailed all the way from East Kilbride to Welwyn via Falkirk and Felixstowe.

"The performance at Welwyn showed everyone at the top of their game. It was an exceptional dramatic achievement."

On the tour there were many highlights: Essex Girls, 'geezerbirds', a modest team bus, Romanian waitresses, and late-night kebab shops featured prominently on the Felixstowe leg, while Welwyn was dominated by Elen Clerk's backward-facing taxis, John Lewis hats, kilts, chinese food and a canal boat ride to the airport.

Tryst newcomer, Stage Manager Brian A. Allan added: "There is no truth in the scurrilous rumour that a Felixstowe hotel balcony was trashed one night by our tired and emotional cast. The wood was rotten in any case."

Tryst now slope off for the summer break but will return in August. - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303