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The Fawlty Oscars

The panel has conferred, the votes are in and now we can exclusively reveal the winners of the Fawlty Oscars:

Brian Paterson – The "Best worst hotelier in the world" award, sponsored by the Racing Post.

Carol Clark – The “Let’s use scaffolding to create this crazy hairdo” award, sponsored by Rita Rusk.

Craig Murray – The "Most hopeless waiter in the world" award, sponsored by Lawsons Shaushages.

Rhona Law– The "Best wig in Bowhouse" award, sponsored by the Duke of Kent.

Jim Allan – The "Care in the Community for deranged ex-servicemen" award, sponsored Ladbrokes.

Brian Tripney – The "Greasiest earpiece in Grangemouth" award sponsored by Squawking Bird.

Ross Melville – The "Best wine buff in Bowhouse" award sponsored by Aloxe Corton 65.

Richard Macintosh – The "Angriest hotel guest in Grangemouth" award sponsored by Gordons gin.

Lorna Herd – The Director’s Award for Quiet Acting, sponsored by Beechams Flu remedy.

Frank Murray – The Lifetime Achievement Award for services to raffling, sponsored by the Claremont Hotel.

Chris Law – The "Best Photographer in Bowhouse" award sponsored by Kodak.

Lillias Scougall – The "I’ll sit here quietly in my silly hat and get slowly pissed with my hip flask” award, sponsored by the Willow Tea Rooms.

Sandra Moar – The “I have a secret passion for Mr Fawlty” award, sponsored by Madame Arcati.

Myra Hamilton – The “Who talked me into sitting here listening to this nonsense?” award sponsored by Linlithgow Players.

Joanne Davidson – The "Ready Steady Cook Best Lamb Casserole in Bowhouse" award, sponsored by Nigella Lawson.

Peter Tripney – The “It’ll do till the joiner comes” award, sponsored by Snap on Tools.

Fred Lowe – The “This is the biggest list of bloody props I’ve ever been handed” award, sponsored by Custard Pie Entertainments.

Stuart Reid – The Director’s Mr Versatile award, sponsored by Dixon of Dock Green.

Jimmy Cairns – The "Most Impressive suit in Bowhouse" award sponsored by Slaters Menswear.

Kareen Cairns – The "Stuck up snob" award sponsored by Piles of Pus R Us.

Carol Allan – The "Rafflemeister’s Gorgeous Assistante" award sponsored by Frank T Murray.

Jim Herd – The “Oh Fuck I’ve got the mute on” award sponsored by Pantfiller.

David Allan – The "Mr Dependable" Award for Lighting, sponsored by Black Light.

Amanda Gourlay – The “I’ll step in and save the show” award sponsored by Co-op Funeral Services.

Alan Clark – The “Whose stupid idea was it to do these plays?” award sponsored by BenRiach.

Jennifer Marjoribanks - The "Congratulations on your baby boy" award sponsored by all at Tryst. - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303