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Mitchells Roberton To Sponsor Tryst

Tryst Theatre will be sponsored by Mitchells Roberton, Glasgow's oldest firm of solicitors, for its 2009 season.

Announcing the sponsorship, Tryst President Frank Murray said: "Tryst is very grateful for Mitchell Roberton’s wonderful support in these financially-challenging times.

"Sponsorship of the arts is vital for a club such as Tryst. As a result of their generous backing, we have decided to enter two English drama festivals, in Felixstowe and Welwyn Garden City, and the sponsorship will help us with our travel costs."

Frank added: "It's a busy time for the club. Our play, After Liverpool, was runner-up in the finals of the Scottish Community Drama Association one-act play festival in Edinburgh while our other production, Someone Who'll Watch Over Me, will open in Falkirk Town Hall on May 23 and then go on tour."

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me concerns three men who find themselves taken hostage and chained up together in a Beirut cell in 1989. It's based on the real-life ordeals of Brian Keenan, Terry Waite and John McCarthy.

They are simultaneously terrified, powerless, angry and bored. The riveting play explores how they survive and how they deal with the very real prospect of going insane.

Heartrendingly compassionate, tenderly tragic but also uproariously funny, it also presents their daily crisis and man's inhumanity to man, and how in the midst of the horror they find strength from communication, humour and faith.

The three actors are Brian Paterson, Jim Allan and Alan Clark, who also directs, and the crew is Brian Tripney, David Allan, Carol Allan, Carol Clark, Karen Paterson and Brian A. Allan.

Mitchells Roberton Chairman Donald Reid said: "Tryst are one of Scotland's leading amateur clubs and we're delighted to support them. Their versatile actors tackle a varied repertoire with skill and style and we wish them well in 2009."

Our picture shows Donald Reid joining the cast of Someone Who'll Watch Over Me in their Beirut cellar. - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303