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Leaving The Earth And Sky

Having survived the countless dangers facing the duck - the Blue Heron, chain stores, jerks in red hats, airport security - Tryst's Duck Variations flew south to the prestigious Welwyn Drama Festival and seized another triumphant third place, collecting the Margaret Osborn Trophy.

The club received honourable mentions in the categories of staging and direction. Jim Allan, director and eminent authority on giant pandas, was also nominated for his portrayal of George - an ostensibly confident character whose vulnerabilities were slowly revealed over the course of the play.

As the current season comes to an end, President Frank T Murray BSc (ret.) took the opportunity to thank sponsors Mitchells Roberton for their support: "To have had the backing of Glasgow's oldest firm of solicitors over the past months has been greatly appreciated by all at Tryst. Their support has helped the club travel to festivals the length and breadth of the country, collecting the huge haul of trophies shown below."

With the duck now stuffed with sawdust and hung on the wall, the final word goes to Tryst's resident park-based philosopher and chair of vice, Alan Cox:

"The duck instinctively knows when to go. Each of them has it in them to know when to go and when to come back. Sometimes they go, and a little later, maybe they come back. Until one day the time comes for the lead duck to stand aside, another one steps up, he will be the new leader.

"Like the ducks, when Tryst return in the autumn a new play will step up, it is this play that will lead us into our 30th anniversary season." - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303