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Welwyn: Everything That Lives Must Sweat

After exuding much sweat over the last six months with Duck Variations, veteran lakeside know-alls George and Emil have one final performance of the play before the propagating, oil-bearing ducks migrate forever north or south.

Maybe in the spring. Or autumn. Out in the marsh with their lead duck. Watching nervously for the Blue Heron or small, vicious children.

Who can tell? We do not know.

But this much we do know. Tryst will close the Welwyn Drama Festival on Saturday June 7 with Ducks before taking a two-month break.

Tryst President Frank T Murray said: "The duck is a perfect metaphor for Tryst: he has his worries, diseases, delusions, neuroses, psychoses, sexual difficulties and wind problems. Need I say more?

"I must be going quackers." - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303