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Tryst To Be Sponsored By Glasgow Lawyers Mitchells Roberton

Falkirk's Tryst Theatre will be sponsored by Mitchells Roberton, Glasgow's oldest firm of solicitors, for its 2008 season.

Announcing the sponsorship deal, Tryst President Frank Murray said: "Tryst is delighted to be supported by such a long-established firm which can trace its origins back to the eighteenth century. Some club members like Jimmy Cairns are almost as old!

"Their generous financial support means Tryst can plan its season with confidence and perhaps even consider travelling to some new drama festivals in the UK and beyond.

"Mitchells Roberton are wonderful patrons of the arts and last year sponsored the Citizens Theatre Christmas Show, "James and the Giant Peach".

"It goes without saying that Tryst is delighted with its peach of a sponsorship."

Mitchells Roberton Marketing Manager Sarah Gurton said: "Over the years we've admired the many high-quality performances given by Tryst. Plays like "Teechers", "September in the Rain", "Travels with my Aunt", "The Steamie" and "Pugilist Specialist" show they can handle a wide and challenging repertoire, and we wish them well in 2008."

The sponsorship will cover the SCDA one-act festival plus the club's appearances in 2008 in festivals in Falkirk, East Kilbride, Welwyn Garden City and elsewhere.

Our picture shows Tryst's Brian Tripney unsuccessfully auditioning for Judge Judy, with the club's Rhona Law (left), Alan Clark (right) and Mitchell Roberton's Marketing Manager Sarah Gurton (rear) looking on. - Tryst Theatre is a registered Scottish charity, No SC003303